Why Brand Protection

Brand reputation is under constant threat in the digital world


The Internet has changed the scope of threats to brands and revenue

The web enables previously unthinkable reach, targeting, and economies of scale—and scammers have noticed. Online brand abuse – from fraud to counterfeiting – is more widespread, sophisticated, and lucrative than ever.

Despite these growing threats, many brands remain unaware of the scope of online brand abuse. Fewer still have honestly addressed the scale of impact these losses pose to their businesses.

$350 Billion

Financial loss to brands due to online brand abuse (2013)

As the Web has evolved, the threats have multiplied

You need a dedicated partner who will help you stay one step ahead

The online world is always evolving—with changing technology, emerging marketplaces and the Dark Web providing new opportunities for brand saboteurs. Whether hijacking search engines, squatting on branded domains, or infiltrating social media, the modern fraudster uses coordinated, multi-channel tactics to cause tangible harm.

MarkMonitor offers solutions for:

  • AntiCounterfeiting
  • IP Protection
  • Partner Compliance

  • AntiPiracy – Digital Media
  • AntiPiracy – Live Streaming

  • AntiFraud – Phishing
  • AntiFraud – Malware
  • Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence

  • Domain Management
  • TLD Advisory Services

  • Investigative Services

Across all channels:

Learn how MarkMonitor protects some of the world’s most valuable brands

Online brand protection combats revenue loss and preserves brand equity

An effective digital brand protection strategy allows you to recapture revenue, enjoy direct cost savings and safeguard your marketing investments.

Ensuring authentic brand experiences has the added benefit of solidifying brand reputation while reducing instances of online fraud and unauthorized channels.

Learn more about brand protection ROI

In a world filled with intentional and accidental brand saboteurs, companies need to aggressively play defense as well as offense.

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