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Some of the most dangerous cyberattacks propagate in the Dark Web, the anonymous, hidden area of the Internet where cybercriminals reign with impunity. They operate a parallel world of underground marketplaces, where they trade not just your data, but also your customers’ data, among other illegal activities. Trying to stop any of these activities, let alone gather intelligence on them, is a difficult task at best.

MarkMonitor Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence is a powerful solution to help you prevent or limit the damage of these cyberattacks. It provides near real-time monitoring of cyberattacks across multiple cybercrime zones, smart robot technology to infiltrate criminal networks, and actionable intelligence alerts.

You can’t afford to ignore the dark web

The Dark Web is an unindexed and anonymous part of the Internet which is not accessible via standard browsers or search engines. The anonymity of the Dark Web gives cybercriminals a cover to plan and launch cyberattacks on your infrastructure – and your customers’ data. Traditional cybersecurity products focus on protecting data inside your firewall, but not outside.

Dark web monitoring and threat intelligence

MarkMonitor Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence provides near real-time threat intelligence gathered before, during, and after cyberattacks. The solution offers deep visibility into the most obscure and dangerous layers of the Internet, automatically monitoring and identifying threats and enabling you to take necessary action to limit the damage.

Comprehensive Monitoring Across Multiple Channels

Our solution monitors 24/7 across the Dark Web, the Deep Web, social networks, IRC and chat sites, Pastebin and other sites giving you visibility across a vast range of channels.

Threat Intelligence and Near Real-Time Alerts

We provide intelligence and alerts about attacks, to enable your organization to quickly identify, analyze and take necessary action. Alerts can enable you to understand the extent of your breach and take steps to mitigate the impact.

Smart Technology to Infiltrate Criminal Networks

Our technology uses smart search robots to mimic human behavior, enabling them to infiltrate criminal networks automatically and provide invaluable threat intelligence.

Targeting of Known Cybercriminal Enterprises

We provide automatic targeting of websites known to be active in cybercrime as well as customized targeting of websites and search keywords in over 150 languages.

Reduce your liability and protect your reputation

Research has shown that being proactive is the best – and most cost effective – defense. You need a solution that can help detect attacks before they happen, which requires you to gather threat intelligence from a largely anonymous and underground network.Our solution allows you to:

  • Get intelligence that could prevent attacks
  • Get alerts if your breached data is found on the Dark Web, which allows you to take active measures to reduce your legal liability
  • Identify compromised customer data proactively so you can notify and protect them, thereby increasing customer trust and confidence

Personalized support, and 24x7 access to an experienced security team

MarkMonitor prides itself on its years of expertise fighting cybercrime and providing personalized support to your team. You gain access to our highly experienced Security Operations Center and a Client Services Manager to provide personalized support to your team.

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