Really? A Hearing on New gTLDs at this Late Stage?

To the dismay of many (and the chagrin of some), it appears as though the US House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet will be conducting a hearing on New gTLDs.

The hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday and, although the list of witnesses has not yet been posted, one can safely assume that representatives from ICANN will be present.

Meanwhile, ICANN is careening towards the finish line of the new gTLD Program with a vote by the ICANN Board scheduled for June 20th.

Just what this all means remains to be seen.

It could be that these hearings are conducted without much fanfare. Or these hearings could help to raise awareness of the new gTLD program.

With the hearings scheduled to occur in less than 8 days, we’ll soon have the answers to many of these questions.

After all, what would the new gTLD Program be without some level of uncertainty?