GDPR the tip of the iceberg at Vancouver summit

Much occurred at the Global Domains Division (GDD) Summit in Vancouver last week, and contrary to popular belief it did not revolve 100% around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDD Summit provides ICANN accredited registrars, gTLD registries and the ICANN Global Domains Division the opportunity to engage and discuss issues of mutual importance.

MarkMonitor sent a team of employees to the GDD Summit to take part in the sessions, working groups and to meet with strategic partners including ICANN staff, registries and registrars. Although General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) monopolized much of the conversation, there were many other topics discussed.

MarkMonitor technical staff actively participated in working groups where they discussed and laid the groundwork for the Future Domain Name Transfer Process that does not rely on email and is more customer focused, along with technical issues that arise when moving TLDs to different platforms or backend registry operators. These working groups were beneficial as registries and registrars were able to learn from each other and thoroughly discuss potential processes that would benefit the industry as a whole.

Much of the conversations with our strategic partners revolved around continuing to work together to serve the needs of clients and continuing to enhance the products and services MarkMonitor provides in light of various changes underway within the domain industry due to GDPR.

Staff also participated in conversations surrounding new gTLDs, and many were specifically about .Brands. The .Brand TLD makes sense to marketers since branded short domains drive up to a 34% increase in Click-Through Rates (CTR).¹ There should be more benefits to present and future .Brand TLDs soon, as the strategic partnership between ICANN and the Brand Registry Group (BRG) gets underway. The next opportunity to apply for a .Brand is still looking like 2021. We’ll continue to advocate for the next application period and will be ready to help more brands mint their own TLD.

From a brand protection perspective, we learned that ICANN’s Domain Abuse Activity Reporting System (DAAR) will be providing a report soon. DAAR is a system for reporting on domain abuse data across TLD registries and registrars for analysis by the community for informed policy consideration. The reports will hold six months of data with reporting on phishing, malware distribution, botnet command and control and spam.

During the summit, ICANN presented the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data that has since been unanimously approved by the ICANN Board. Presenting it at the GDD Summit provided registries and registrars the opportunity to discuss changes their respective organizations are planning to implement, thus allowing the industry as a whole to continue to operate successfully in light of these changes.

MarkMonitor will continue to keep you posted with the latest on emerging trends, news from ICANN and solutions for your domain portfolio. For plenty of resources to get started, visit us here.

Rudy Mendoza contributed to this article.