.Brand Applications Account for One Third of All New gTLD Applications

.Brand Applications Account for One Third of All New gTLD Applications

ICANN announced today that they received a total of 1930 New gTLD applications from 60 countries for 1408 unique strings.

Of the 1930 applications received, .Brands accounted for 664 of them. Sectors applying for .Brand TLDs include:

Sector # of .Brand Applications
Technology” 77
“Media” 72
“Financial” 71
“Manufacturing” 56
“Online” 49
“Services” 46
“Auto” 43
“Insurance”  36
“Retail” 35
“Travel” 26
“CPG” 24
“Pharma” 22
“Luxury” 20
“Apparel” 7

There are an additional 80 .Brand TLDs which we have classified as “Other” as they do not fall into any of the categories listed above.

Aside from the .Brand TLDs there are also 84 “Community-Based” TLDs some of which are also designated as geographical names. In addition there are 66 geographical names (most of which are city TLDs). Only 116 applications of the 1930 applications utilize IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names).

It is interesting to note that there are 1179 uncontested applications and 751 contested applications representing 230 unique strings.

The most highly contested strings include:

String Name  # of Applications
.APP 13
.HOME 11
.INC 11
.ART 10
.BOOK  9
.LLC 9

In terms of geographical distribution of applicants according to ICANN’s figures approximately 78% of the applicants are located in North America and Europe. Sixteen percent of applicants are located in the Asia-Pacific Region and less than 2% of applicants are located in Latin American and Africa.

Over the coming days we’ll continue to analyze the strings and applications and to update MarkMonitor’s New gTLD Application Database which can be accessed here: www.markmonitor.com/gtlddatabase.”