Webinar discusses bottom line impacts of brand protection

Imposters can damage your reputation, impede consumer trust and put a dent in your sales numbers.

In today’s omni-channel environment, infringement threats have heightened more than ever. And brand impersonators are not exclusive to certain industries. Historically, businesses selling luxury high value items would be targeted. But this is no longer the case – any brand in any sector can become a target, especially if much of the brand’s value lies in intellectual property. Areas most at risk include toys, medical instruments, perfumes and cosmetics, and electrical machinery and equipment.

We recently carried out research with 600 marketing decision makers, and almost two-thirds of our respondents said they believed brand infringement had increased in the last 12 months. This is a worrying trend, especially when you consider the safety implications as well as the infringement issues around counterfeit cosmetics and medical instruments.

We wanted to understand more about the scale of the threat, so we asked the respondents which channels used for brand communications had been subjected to infringement and abuse over the last 12 months. They responded that websites had experienced the highest levels of infringements, closely followed by email. In addition, most highlighted that they are paying more attention to domain name strategies in light of the prevailing cyber threat.

These factors have converged to a point where businesses agree that an evolution in brand protection underway. With security threats expanding, online brand protection is also gaining more support from the key stakeholders within a business –  right up to board level.

The consequences of getting a brand protection strategy wrong can be devastating for your business. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about this ground-breaking research and discuss what it means for your brand online. Please click to register.