Want a killer domain portfolio? Look no further than baseball.

RBI: Runs batted in. Every team wants ‘em. Not every team gets ‘em.

Are your domains driving users home, or are they swinging outside the strike zone?

Intelligent domain name strategies happen by way of a complex web of interactions. The industry operates by way of different roles working together on strategic decisions around domain name needs. If your lineup is off, so is your game.

Here’s a refresher on your key players:

Batter up: ICANN
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation responsible for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD), country code (ccTLD) top-level domain name system management and root server system management functions.

Designated hitter: The registry
The authoritative, master database of all domains registered in each top-level domain (TLD), the registry, also called registry operator, keeps the master database and generates the zone file. It allows computers to route internet traffic to and from top-level domains anywhere in the world. Examples include Verisign for the .COM and .NET for TLDs.

The pitcher: Your registrar
Registrars maintain records pertaining to the registration of a domain name (e.g. contact and technical information) and send information to the registry on behalf of a registrant. MarkMonitor is an ICANN-accredited registrar with an exclusive focus on corporate domain portfolios.

Pinch hitter: Third-party providers
These companies provide a specific domain name service, such as registration or local presence. This is a prerequisite to registering a ccTLD that involves having a local contact/organization/etc. that is utilized when MarkMonitor is unable to meet local requirements on its own. For instance, if a ccTLD registry requires a registrar to be incorporated in that TLD’s specific country.

Waiting on first base: The registrant
The registered owner and stakeholder to a domain name, individual (or organization) is the player on base waiting for those RBI homerun hitters.

Want to make it to the playoffs?

Let us be your coach. With more than two decades of experience as a corporate domain name registrar and brand protection company, MarkMonitor is an extremely knowledgeable player in this space and helps clients navigate this challenging environment through comprehensive communications with different stakeholder entities.

Our Global Relationship Management (GRM) group works to set up relationships with the applicable entities – usually the Registry, (primarily for gTLDs and some ccTLDs), and sometimes a third-party provider if necessary (typically for ccTLDs with special requirements) – depending on the type of TLD (gTLD or ccTLD).

The GRM group then liaises with our Domain Operations team who finalize requirements and works with our engineering group to set up automated connections to the back-end systems of the registry operator where possible. Via these automated connections, our portal can send the important commands needed to manage our clients’ domain name needs such as registering domains and other key activities.

When you’re caught in a pickle

For TLDs that have special requirements and/or other factors that do not make good candidates for automation, the ccTLD specialists in our Domain Operations group work directly with registries and/or third-party providers to manage day-to-day transactions. This includestransferring domains, updating contacts, etc., as well as the relatively rare occurrences of registry outages or registry hacks.

By maintaining strong relationships at the registry and third-party provider level, we can address any challenges that arise quickly and effectively, ensuring that our clients’ domains are secured and maintained appropriately.

You’re heard. You’re represented.

Regarding registrants, MarkMonitor communicates via many channels, including but not limited to: email correspondence with Client Services Managers (CSMs) or Client Partnership Managers (CPMs), timely collateral (e.g., New gTLD Quarterly Report), regular webinars, client visits, and client events (e.g., the MarkMonitor Forum). We make a concerted effort to provide industry-leading service while keeping our clients apprised of anything that will assist them in managing their domain portfolios.

With respect to ICANN, MarkMonitor’s GRM group is actively involved in industry advocacy efforts and policy development activities within the ICANN Community so we are frequently providing thought leadership and advocating for our clients across the various Constituencies with which we are associated.

MarkMonitor maintains a high level of activity and visibility within the domain ecosystem, and we are continually communicating and working with the various entities in this ever-changing environment.

Please contact your Client Services Manager with any questions on how we can continue to assist you in developing domain management strategies in this complex space.

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