Online threats to watch in 2019

From cryptocurrency schemes to counterfeit ploys, there’s no slowdown in sight for cybercrime.

Asia-based threats continue to surge. Counterfeit goods from China and Hong Kong combine to make up an estimated 86 percent of the world’s counterfeits, the value of which totals nearly $400 billion. A 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), released by Symantec, indicates that IoT attacks saw a 600 percent increase in 2017, while coin-mining activity spiked 34,000 percent.

Watch these trends in the year ahead, and we’ll keep you up to speed with whitepapers, webinars and events, as 2019 unfolds.

Keep your eye on the crypto-sphere

Threats around cryptocurrency have taken some of the limelight, with protection against Bitcoin and other scams surfacing more frequently. While many investors and institutions look to capitalize on this new form of transaction, cyber criminals have also upped their corruption game to take full advantage. This year, we’ll dive deeper into cryptophishing, malware, scams and other online crimes targeting businesses today.

Consumers count

In December, we released a Global Online Shopping Survey showing, among other insights, that consumers trust the channel that is also most vulnerable to counterfeit attacks: digital marketplaces. In the report, 88 percent of consumer survey participants stated that brands should be doing more to protect them.

With 71 percent of China’s Internet users now using online payments or e-commerce services, brand stakeholders are scurrying to fortify online strategies. You can look forward to more insights in 2019 as we prepare a series of barometers taking the pulse on brand protection.

GDPR and your investigations

Is your brand protected in the wake of the GDPR? Vice President of Global Policy & Industry Development Statton Hammock will continue to help businesses answer that question, with more updates this year.

Access to publicly available registrant data impacts both law enforcement and cyber security investigations, with 67 percent of WHOIS/RDS2 Review Team survey respondents reporting that WHOIS output does not meet their needs. Prior to the study, that number only reached 2 percent. MarkMonitor webinars will keep you up to speed as developments happen.

Unplugging piracy

With the advent of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), rogue streamers are jumping on new ways to sell unauthorized content.

Rights owners now face competition from infringers who offer subscribers cheaper (even free) pirated content. This type of piracy not only undermines the value of content, but also impacts average revenue per user (ARPU).

To keep up with these offenders, you’ll need access to comprehensive database of IPTV services. Fighting IPTV piracy also requires you to detect and verify in near-real time. Watch for MarkMonitor updates as we keep you posted on best practices and tools.

Protecting your domains

Business intelligence is becoming more important than ever in the protection and rightsizing of domain portfolios. In 2019, we’ll tell you more about smarter registrations and domain lifecycle decisions, plus how to protect critical domain assets.

Blocking services, which provide brand owners a cost-effective alternative to widespread defensive registrations of Top Level Domains (TLDs), will also remain at the forefront of discussions. This year, we’ll talk more about .Brands, which continue to increase in popularity (As of November 2, 2018, there were 15,568 .Brand domain registrations, a 19 percent increase over the second quarter!).

For continued updates, be sure to follow our blog. Cheers to safer online experiences in 2019!