Innovation: A reminder about why brand protection matters

With contributions from Bob Stembridge, of Derwent 

Behind every online protection strategy, there’s a brand – and behind every brand, an innovation that needs protection.

Derwent, one of our affiliate companies under Clarivate Analytics, has released a Top 100 Global Innovators report celebrating leading organizations around the globe whose achievements have enriched the world. Today, we join them in recognizing the brands that deliver these kinds of unique products and experiences – the same ones that we at MarkMonitor aim to protect.

Among the highlights of the report:
• The epicenter of innovation continues its shift east
• 48 Asian companies appear on the list – 6.7 percent over last year
• 3 continents represented; along with and 12 different markets
• AI and 5G developments are embraced by many of the organizations listed
• 31 companies boast significant AI inventions in their portfolios

Innovation – minus the duplication

Without an online protection strategy, the same brands that win for innovation can lose to copycats.

When surveyed, 64 percent of brands said that infringement has increased in the last year. Brand threats are evolving, too – 82 percent said they will change online protection plans to include new threats around security and fraud in the next year.

Implementing a brand protection plan that zeroes in where your consumer shops most frequently is your best bet to fighting these types of infringements. Search technology, for example, now allows brand owners to tailor research based on where their consumers are located. Known as native marketplace search, this method gets combined with threat level analysis and high-value targeted for maximum impact.

Did you know that 91 percent of search engine traffic never ventures beyond page one of results? When it comes to online marketplaces, that number drops to 70 percent.

In the IoT era, imitation is no longer the sincerest form of flattery. IP protection, the cornerstone to business livelihood and consumer satisfaction, ensure your most effective online presence.

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