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Unauthorized Sellers Causing You Headaches?

Joshua Hopping
Investigative Research Specialist
Logan Meyer
Customer Service Manager
Daniel Morton
Product Marketing Manager

If you have a physical product, it is likely being sold through a variety of channels. If you have tried to keep your distributors from offering your product online through certain marketplaces and exchanges, you know how difficult it is to take decisive action. In many cases, the exchanges themselves don’t see a problem and won’t take action on your unauthorized sellers. You need a different approach.

Watch this roundtable discussion, where MarkMonitor experts give actionable tips on how you can monitor and take action on your unauthorized sellers online. They share concrete, real life examples of unauthorized sellers who didn’t want to be found, how MarkMonitor tracked them down, and how you can, too.

Discussion highlights:

  • How to differentiate between high and low volume sellers and segment them for the most appropriate corrective action
  • How to investigate and dismantle a network of sellers so they don’t pop up again with a different seller account
  • Techniques you can use to find the most evasive unauthorized sellers

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