On-Demand Webinar

Three Key Elements to a Successful Brand Protection Program

Daniel Morton
Portfolio Marketing Manager
Zachary Wolf
Portfolio Marketing Manager

As the market leader in brand protection for over a decade, we have seen the landscape evolve and change. For your brand protection program to be successful, it needs adapt to the changing infringer landscape.

View this webinar to hear MarkMonitor Portfolio Marketing Managers Zachary Wolf and Daniel Morton discuss some of the latest strategies every brand protection program should be utilizing to reduce complexity and show impact. They’ll show you how a philosophical shift in attacking the problem can result in better ROI, more visible results for your executive team and most importantly, measurable results seen by the most important audience of all – your customers.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How you can turn your brand protection program from an uphill battle to something more manageable and measurable
  2. How focusing on the right metrics can dramatically improve your ROI
  3. The ways technology can be used by infringers to hide bad behavior or be deployed by brands to gain visibility

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