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The bottom line impact of brand protection

Charlie Abrahams
Senior Vice President

Marketer? IT? Executive? Other? Regardless, odds are that online crime is impacting your business role, a new report shows. Droves of professionals are reporting that online protection is now more crucial to their business endeavors than ever, and that the number of challenges is up from earlier this year. Among the highlights, 90% of businesses agree that an evolution in the role of online brand protection is under way. What’s more, 82% say that security threats have expanded.

Please join Senior Vice President Charlie Abrahams as he reviews the results of this groundbreaking survey and what it means for your brand online. With a greater number of stakeholders involved and brands now gearing up with strategies to combat threats of tomorrow, now is the time to take back your hard-earned revenue, reputation and consumer trust.

The webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A.

During this webinar, you’ll receive updates on these key areas:

  • Evolving trends in online crime and what businesses expect in the next few years
  • What brands like yours have to say about the scale of these challenges
  • Ways to stay ahead of these threats and how to fight crime where it counts

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