On-Demand Webinar

The Top 3 Trends in Phishing Right Now

Stefanie Ellis
AntiFraud Product Marketing Manager

Phishers continue to use consumer targeted phishing to steal credentials and gain revenue from their illicit practices. Understanding the top trends – including how phishers are using SSL Certs to lend legitimacy to their phishing sites, how one-time use URLs can impact shutdown times, and how phishers use collection points across many phish kits – can provide useful data points in understanding possible safeguards for your organization and your customers.

View this webinar to hear MarkMonitor AntiFraud expert Stefanie Ellis to walk through the top three trends in phishing, providing insights that will reveal valuable intelligence that can help protect your organization.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about these top trends:

  1. SSL Certs used in phishing
  2. One-time use URLs and how it impacts shutdown times
  3. Collection point usage across multiple phish kits

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