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Problem: $1B in counterfeit goods

Solution: Stop infringers before they start with real-time reports

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Problem: 100k+ lives lost to imposter medications

Solution: Get a clear picture of the listings your customer sees

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Problem: $20.5B lost to film piracy each year

Solution: Take down offenders in bulk with high-impact targeting

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Problem: 83 percent increase in reported auto part fakes

Solution: Investigative analysis makes it easy to take action

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Problem: $3.7T – estimated yearly loss to fraud

Solution: Protect consumers by identifying the worst offenders first

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Problem: At least $63B lost to software piracy

Solution: Geo-specific searching shows you the same results your audience sees

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They make the day-to-day management of our portfolio painless and also assist us with our brand gTLD administration and registry operator requirements.

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They are very knowledgeable, they take initiative, and they get it right.

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